Our MISSION at Haemukwan Hapkido:

HaeMuKwan HapKiDo's Purpose

The purpose of the Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan is to create a positive contribution to society by instilling positive characteristics in each and every student that participates in our program. These characteristics create a better person as well as a more productive member of society.

The Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan strives to utilize only the most effective instructional methods. We strive to teach the most effective yet practical self-defense techniques while maintaining our devotion to developing the character of each student.

If each student becomes a better person and maintains a positive mental attitude, along with the willingness to put forth their best effort in everything he or she attempts in life, we can freely say that we have accomplished our goal.

Students of the Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan are expected to learn the Code of Ethics and apply the Code both in and out of the Dojang. These points should be emphasized in life as well as in HapKiDo. Application of this Code will assist each student in developing a better character resulting in a better person.

The Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan's mission is to be the world's leading HapKiDo Organization by promoting and instructing its Members in the philosophy and technique of Traditional HapKiDo as it has been handed down from Master to student throughout the centuries.

The Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan has been established to teach its students a "way of life", based upon Korea's Ancient Traditional HapKiDo Philosophies and Original Training Methods. We must strive to be recognized throughout the world as the foremost organization for the teaching and training of the traditional history, philosophies and techniques of HaeMuKwan HapKiDo.

The Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan international family of instructors will insure that our students receive the highest level of training and education based upon the finest traditional methods of HapKiDo and modern training resources. The Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan officially registered Black Belts and students must represent the highest levels of integrity and shall represent the Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan headquarters in Korea at all times.

Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan doors will always remain open for those who have the inner strength, courage and perseverance to learn, grow and contribute in the continuation of the HaeMuKwan HapKiDo legacy, philosophy and ancient warrior code of ethics.

To begin enjoying the many health, fitness and safety benefits of HaeMuKwan HapKiDo we invite you to join a school near you.


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