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Dedicated Teen & Adult Students?
A Link To Your Korean Arts Roots?

Then Join The Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan!!!

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Now Is Your Chance! Adding a HapKiDo program can increase teen and adult enrollments, improve retention, and boost your school's reputation as a leader in the martial arts community.

HapKiDo has proven itself as the premier self-defense art and an essential part of an effective self-defense program for elite Police and Military units and now it is available to YOU! Your school can have a successful adult HapKiDo program!

Why Offer HapKiDo At Your School? HapKiDo is a great martial art for attracting adult students between the ages of 16-55 years old. This market wants to learn HapKiDo. Now you can fill that need, expand your services, expand your knowledge of HapKiDo, and earn your Black Belt in HapKiDo.

But I've Never Done HapKiDo! The truth is that Korean Martial Arts techniques and principles overlap in many areas. Our systematic teaching program is designed so that Korean Martial Artists like you can learn enough HapKiDo to begin teaching it at your school in as little as 1 week.

If the US Secret Service can learn enough HapKiDo in a few days to protect our President then a Professional Martial Artist like YOU can certainly learn enough in a week to teach a beginner class. Haemukwan HapKiDo is the most scientifically advanced and easy to learn program in the world.

How Do I Learn HapKiDo and Get Certified? You will be a part of our HapKiDo distance learning program with video training and practice the techniques everyday with a partner. Also, we are available for private HapKiDo lessons and HapKiDo seminars to help speed up your learning process. In order to earn HapKiDo rank, you need to meet the minimum requirements and pass each belt test set forth by the Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan.

GM Hackworth - Training with Seoul Swat Team

Grand Master Richard Hackworth
Training With The Korean National S.W.A.T. Team

Who Are You? I am Richard Hackworth, Grand Master of HapKiDo with the Korean HapKiDo Federation, founder of HaeMuKwan HapKiDo. I am the editor of "World Martial Arts Magazine" and host of the "World Martial Arts Magazine Show" on the Action Radio Network. I have been successfully using this HapKiDo program since 1991 to train students and HapKiDo instructors.

Why Should I Choose Your HapKiDo Program? Because I know what busy school owners like you need!

Simply look at the class calendar, see what section you need to teach, look in the HapKiDo Instructor Handbook at the specific techniques you need to teach and practice the techniques on the video. It is that easy.

Our curriculum is the most scientifically advanced self defense system in the world and that is why we are so successful. Plus we have the most complete marketing program ever used in the martial arts industry. Your school will dominate your area as a member of the Korea HapKiDo Federation Haemukwan.

What Does Your HapKiDo Program Include?

Ok, so by now you are wondering... what is all this going to cost? You have seen the outrageous fees being promoted by other so-called "HapKiDo" organizations. This program, including your Lifetime HapKiDo School Charter and all 10 of the DVDs and the other benefits listed above, is a total investment of ONLY $450.

So, for about what you would pay for an "Annual School Charter" in these other HapKiDo organizations, you can get our Premier HapKiDo School Membership Package.

Join by July 10th 2010 to help celebrate our 10th year anniversary as an official member of the Korean HapKiDo Federation and get the following FREE Bonuses worth over $250:

Best Regards,
Richard Hackworth

P.S. I am so sure that you will find all the support and information that you need to succeed as an official member of the Korea HapKiDo Federation Haemukwan that I am offering my personal "NO Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee" if you are not completely happy with our products and services within the first 90 days!

P.S.S. If you have read this far I am sure that you the kind of dedicated martial artist who takes action. I look forward to personally helping you grow a successful Haemukwan HapKiDo program in 2015. Join Today!

Download the membership application.

To begin enjoying the many health, fitness and safety benefits of HaeMuKwan HapKiDo we invite you to join a school near you.

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