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The Three Primary Principles of HaeMuKwan Hapkido

The Water principle: Although water is one of natures softest substances it can create great force. It will freely flow to the lowest point without wasting any energy. Just by flowing it can eventually cut through stone and create deep canyons. A Hapkidoist should learn to flow like water.

The Circular force principle: Next is the circular force principle is a fundamental principle of nature. In a technique for self-defense using this principle, force is never met with force. It is redirected by deflection. A Hapkidoist uses the momentum created by his opponents force against him.

The Sum principle: The Sum principle, the third principle of Hapkido, is created by the combination of the water principle and the circular force principle. The sum principle is natural and has many examples in nature. It represents the balance of power created by the harmony of essential opposites. Such as light and dark, hot and cold, male and female. One cannot exist without the other. A Hapkidoist who learns to apply the circular force principle in conjunction with the water principle will create true harmony between his mind and body. This is the principle of Sum.

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