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Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan Pledge

  • Filial Duty: Hapkidoists show respect toward their parents and home.
  • Fraternalism: Hapkidoists always strive to have good relations with their siblings.
  • Faithfulness: Hapkidoists give faith and trust to their teachers and friends.
  • Loyalty: Hapkidoists give loyal service to their country.
  • Humility: Hapkidoists strive to be humble and courteous toward others.
  • Knowledge: Hapkidoists strive to develop their knowledge for self cultivation.
  • Integrity: Hapkidoists conduct themselves with principles and integrity.
  • Justice: Hapkidoists are just and righteous in all their obligations.
  • Courage: Hapkidoists will stand against all injustice.

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