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The Learning Environment

There are no short cuts or secrets to learning Hapkido. Students who train with a qualified instructor and give their best effort while participating in the majority of classes will quickly become proficient. As a member of a Korea Hapkido Federation school you will study the complete system of Hapkido. This training in the beginning will include fundamental blocking, striking and kick techniques along with the various body postures and safety falls. This will be followed with extensive training in joint manipulation, pressure points and throws later introducing healing skills. Students will also learn the physical development techniques and develop such mental attitudes as patience, self confidence, respect and self discipline. Because Hapkido is a true martial art and not a martial sport, Hapkido students are expected to practice diligently and respect their classmates. Mutual respect, courtesy and manners are the hallmarks of our training. Students will develop a fraternal feeling with their classmates because Hapkido training offers a personal as well as a group challenge.
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