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Definition of Hapkido

Hapkido means the way of coordinated power. It is the Korean Art of self defense. Hapkido traces its earliest techniques back over 600 years to the Korean monk Sosan Daesa who is recognized as one of the first people in Korea to teach joint manipulation. Hapkido's modern influences are Choi, Young Sul the founder of Hapkido and Ji Han Jae, the first president of our organization. Hapkido draws upon many of underlying techniques of other Korean martial arts and is a unique mixture of YuSool, Taekyon and other defensive military arts. Korea Hapkido Federation training offers a balance of self defense skills, philosophy, weapons and healing skills. The Korea Hapkido Federation offers the best in Hapkido training world wide. To begin enjoying the benefits of Hapkido we recommend that you join a school near you. "Click Here"
Choi, Young Sul

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