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    Hapkido: Practice, Philosophy, Fellowship and Lifestyle

    The World’s Most Advanced Self-Defense System

    Grand Master Richard Hackworth Seminar in beautiful Cali, Colombia

    HaeMuKwan Hapkido Benefits

    Ten Reasons You Want To Learn HaeMuKwan HapKiDo!

    1. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the world’s most scientifically advanced self-defense system. Safe and Fun! Easy to Learn!
    2. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style available worldwide through our network of schools.
    3. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style with a monthly instructor and student support newsletter.
    4. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style with a monthly worldwide radio show.
    5. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style with a monthly television show.
    6. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style with a documented curriculum from white belt to grand master.
    7. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style with a world championship demonstration team.
    8. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style with a university scholarship program.
    9. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style with an instructor’s licensing program with guaranteed job placement.
    10. HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is the ONLY HapKiDo style with a Master’s pension, retirement and health care plan.

    Dear HapKiDo Family Members:

    Welcome to the Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan. I am pleased that you have decided to pursue the traditional martial art of HapKiDo and wish you the best in your endeavors.

    The Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan was formed in 2000 because of the necessity of an association that not only emphasized HapKiDo technique, but the virtues of the art and the emphasis of personal development of the students as well. The Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan’s wish for students and the members of this HapKiDo family is that they will not only grow in their HapKiDo technique, but also in their personal and spiritual lives. We are seeking to develop the body in conjunction with the mind and spirit. When one has good physical health, mental clarity and personal happiness you can be of benefit to your family, your country and the world around you.

    HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is not a sport. It has great practical benefits for fitness, self development and self-defense. As a classical martial art, HaeMuKwan HapKiDo’s purpose is to develop every aspect of the self, in order to create a mature person who totally integrates their intellect, body, emotions and spirit. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to the study of HaeMuKwan HapKiDo, you will reap the great physical, spiritual and mental benefits that are a part of its nature.


    Grand Master Richard Hackworth, PhD., Executive Director
    Grand Master Dong Kyun Kim, Technical Committee Chairman
    Grand Master Gary Pointer, Promotion Committee Chairman
    Grand Master Dr. Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi, International Training Committee Chairman

    Hear What Others Have To Say About Our Schools:

    “Since I began training in this style I’ve lost 38 pounds of fat, my diabetes is under control for the first time in my life, and I get to spend more time with my daughter which has brought us closer together than ever before. It really is a great family activity with unlimited benefits. Unlike little league sports or other youth activities this is something that parent and child can do together to strengthen the family bond. I highly recommend it to all families.” Dr. Ronald Stone, Amazon Best Selling Author

    hapdkido grand master don kyun kim
    “I am proud to recognize the Korea HapKiDo Federation HaeMuKwan and an official branch member of the Korean HapKiDo Federation world headquarters. Their standards and teaching are world class. I recommend them highly.” Grand Master Dong Kyun Kim, President: Korean HapKiDo Federation

    hapkido haemukwan master fred soto
    HaeMuKwan HapKiDo is an excellent way to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. It is a great investment in your future. I feel stronger and more confident at the age of forty-five than I did at the age of twenty-five.” Dr. Fred Soto, Minister

    hapkido haemukwan master ye soon moon
    HapKiDo gives me confidence and reduces stress. It is a great way to have fun, get fit, and make new friends while learning effective self defense that works in the real world. It has been the best self-improvement tool that I have ever experienced.” Ye-Soon Moon, Educator

    To begin enjoying the many health, fitness and safety benefits of HaeMuKwan HapKiDo we invite you to join a school near you.

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